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Yahoo Smilies

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The smilies are part of Yahoo! Messenger 5.6. You can now download all 91 Yahoo Smileys.
This includes the 64 Standard Yahoo! smilies as well as an additional 27 animated custom Yahoo smileys.

Yahoo Smileys

Customized Smileys Standard Smileys ASCII Code Description
happy smiley :) A happy smiley
sad smiley sad smiley :( A sad smiley
joke smiley ;) Just joking smiley
laughing smiley laughing smiley :D A BIG grin smiley
eyelashes smiley ;;) Batting eyelashes or coy smiley
confused smiley confused smiley :-/ Confused smiley
love smiley :x Love struck or heart smiley
blushing smiley blushing smiley :"> Blushing or embarrassed smiley
tongue smiley tongue smiley :p Tongue sticking out, cheeky smiley
kiss smiley :* A kiss smiley
shacking head in disbelief smiley smiley :O A shocked smiley
smiley steaming smiley X-( An angry smiley
smug smiley smug smiley :> A smug smiley
sunglasses smiley sunglasses smiley B-) A cool smiley
smiley smiley :-s A worried smiley
evil smiley evil smiley >:) A devil smiley
smiley in tears :(( A crying smiley, or a smiley in tears
smiley :)) A laughing smiley
smiley smiley :| Straight face
smiley smiley /:) Raised eyebrow
smiley smiley 0:) An angel smiley
nerd smiley :-B Nerd, a buck toothed smiley
hand smiley hand smiley =; Talk to the hand
Zzz's smiley sleeping smiley I-) Sleeping smiley
rolling smiley 8-| Rolling eyes smiley
smiley smiley :-& Sick smiley
smiley smiley :-$ Quiet please smiley, shhh
smiley [-( Not talking, upset smiley
clown smiley clown smiley :o) Clown smiley
crazy smiley silly smiley 8-} Silly or crazy smiley
sleepy smiley tired smiley (:| A tired or sleepy smiley
drooling smiley =P~ A drooling smiley
scratching chin smiley :-? Thinking smiley, scratching chin
doh smiley #-o Doh smiley, hand over forehead
applauding smiley =D> Applause
oink smiley pig smiley :@) Pig smiley
moo smiley cow smiley 3:-O Cow smiley
monkey smiley monkey smiley :(|) Monkey smiley
rooster smiley chicken smiley ~:> Chicken smiley
rose smiley @};- A rose
clover smiley %%- A four leaf clover
peace flag smiley american flag smiley **== A Peace flag and an American flag smileys
halloween smiley (~~) A pumpkin smiley for the halloween season
coffee smiley ~o) Coffee smiley
lightbulb smiley *-:) An idea, a lightbulb smiley
skull smiley 8-X A skull
green alien smiley =:) A green alien with antennas smiley
alien smiley >-) An alien disguised as a smiley
smiley :-L A frustrated smiley
cowboy smiley <):) A cowboy smiley with oversized hat
prayer smiley [-o< A praying smiley
smiley @-) Hypnotized smiley
dollar signs smiley $-) Money smiley, eyes turns to dollar signs smiley
whistle smiley :-" Whistling smiley
long nose smiley :^o To tell a lie, the Pinocchio smiley, grows a long nose
black eye smiley b-(  The black eye smiley
victory sign smiley :)>- The peace or victory sign smiley
wagging finger smiley [-X Shame on you, wagging finger smiley
dancing smiley \:D/ Dancing joyous smiley, dancing with a finger
hug smiley >:D< Give me a hug smiley
Yahoo! Fighter Smileys only available once the Yahoo! Fighter IMVironment has been downloaded
smiley o->
smiley o=>
smiley o-+
smiley (%) Ying yang symbol

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