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Tiny Toon Icons

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These icons (Tiny Toons) are freely available for non-commercial use.
Current set - 15 icons - Nov 09 2003
Buster, the main character of this classic cartoon series
Babs, Buster's cohort, friend and romantic love interest
Elmyra, A colorful character, needs to hug something cuddly and to love something fuzzy and to squeeze, squeeze and squeeze something thats soft ;)
Montana, this character reminds me of the Reggie character from the Archie comic book series for some reason
Hampton, A pig who's a neat freak
Plucky, The green duck, a Daffy inspiration. Wonderful name, "to pluck". ;)
Furball, The unlucky cat with the lisp
Sweetie, was classically known as tweetie
Fifi the skunk
Shirley the loone
Beep, "beep-beep", the road runner
Gogo Dodo
Freddy Frog
A minor character, mostly seen alongside a Hampton episode
Sheepdog, Wile E. Coyote's nemises
Tiny Toon Quick Reference
Tiny Toon characters
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