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Matrix ScreenSaver

The matrix screen saver is compatible with Windows 95,NT,2000 and XP
The following is a summary of what went into the creation the matrix screen saver. I saw the original Matrix on opening night. After arriving home from the theatre I could hardly wait to get my hands on that wonderful text scroller I saw on screen. I thought that would be the perfect screensaver for my computer. Imagine my disappointment when all I could find was a bloated poorly executed Macromedia movie facsimile of the movie scroller effects. After complaining to the gods for a day I came to the realization, heck I am a computer developer, why am I complaining. :)
Download the zip file, executable (107k zip file)
Download the source code (323k zip file)


The matrix screen saver took about a week to write.
After posting it on my website (originally louai.com) I received over half a million downloads of the matrx screensaver file in less than 6 months. I guess I was not the only one looking for a decent matrix screensaver :).
The code used no bitmaps and relied on the OS system fonts to paint the characters. With a bit of tweaking on the source code any character set can be used to display the streaming text and not only the simplified Japanese characters or Windows system font.

Louai Munajim

Please note: The screensaver listens to mouse moves or keyboard events to break out of the program. In Windows XP mouse moves and keyboard events are generated even though its not user generated, thus always making the program end after only 1-5 seconds. One needs to change from listening for mouse or keyboard events and switch that to the screen saver module, which would then notify the program when to end. If someone fixes this please send me the fix and I will credit and post it here. I no longer work with windows and dont even have a C compiler anymore.

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