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ASCII Smiley Faces Descriptions
(:-& smiley face list The Annoyed smiley face.
Note the close knit eyebrows and the frowning mouth
:-O The Astonished smiley face.
Note the arched eyebrows above the face, bulging eyeballs and the jaw dropping astonishment
:-o Smiley in Awe
Similar to astonished but more subdued, has a slight baby look since placement if eyes are somewhat low
;-) The Joke smiley face.
Could also be referred to as the smirking smiley face
:-( The Disappointed or sad smiley face.
Cross eyed, downcast look, wavy mouth on the verge of weeping
X-) The Drunk smiley face.
The classic X's for eyes are used to indicate drunk smiley, also used for the unconcious look
>-) The Evil smiley face.
Note the use of pupil-less eyes to bring forth a scary look, akin to the flashlight beneath a face trick
:-B The Goofy smiley face.
The pronounced buck tooth hee-haw laugh accentuated with the dopey half closed eyes, a favorite
:-) The Happy smiley face.
The standard smiley, A slight variation on the classic smiley look
`:-O The Horror smiley face.
Teeth clenched, tiny pupils, lots of white
@>- The In Love smiley face.
The hearts a dead give away, slight blush, grin, wavy at the ends
>-( The Mad smiley face.
Lower lip tight and in close proximity to the drawn in eyebrows
(:-( The Sad smiley face.
Unibrow used to accentuate the frowning mouth
*:-O The Shocked smiley face.
A toned down version of the horror smiley
:-> The Sinister smiley face.
A lighter version of the evil smiley, this time with the pupils displayed
:-D The Laughing smiley face.
Also known as the pearly whites smile
;-> The Smug smiley face.
You could just hear him snicker, another favorite
|-( The Stuckup smiley face.
Simple classic lines, wonderful proportions, one of my favorites
(:-| The Surprised smiley face.
A toned down version of the shocked smiley
(:`( The Upset smiley face.
Eyes were made doe like to accentuate the "on the verge of tears" look
]:-) The King smiley face.
A contented smiely fitted with a crown
()-) The Mask smiley face.
A simple hooded version of the smiley
B-) The Nerd smiley face.
Smiley wearing glasses, note the slight glare on the glasses
<|-) The Oriental smiley face.
Also known as the Chinese smiley. The thin beard, thin eyes, braided hair and we get the oriental smiley
:-{ The Moustache smiley face.
The large moustache smiley, makes for a rustic look
:-| The Tough or no comment smiley face.
No pupils, square forehead produces a tough guy smiley
?:-) The Baby smiley face.
Large sparkling eyes, eyelashes accentuated, a single thin strand of hair produces your smiley baby
|-) The Bored smiley face.
Bored and discontented, a glum and sullen smiley, maybe grumpy smiley would have been a more appropriate title
P-) The English smiley face.
What better way to personify the English character than with a bowler hat and the monocle :)
:-} The French smiley face.
The classic French persona has been captured in countless movies, the stuckup waiter at a Fine French restaurant

You can now download the Elouai Smiley faces here, a zip file containing 30 smiley faces.

The First Smiley

Harvey Ball:
"I made a circle with a smile for a mouth on yellow paper, because it was sunshiny and bright," he recalled in a 1996 interview with The Associated Press. Turning the drawing upside down, the smile became a frown. Deciding that wouldn't do, Ball added two eyes and the Smiley Face was born.

"There are two ways to go about it," he said. "You can take a compass and draw a perfect circle and make two perfect eyes as neat as can be. "Or you can do it freehand and have some fun with it. Like I did," Ball said. "Give it character."

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