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Ragnarok Doll Maker

How to draw Pixel Hair

In this tutorial I will quickly cover how to draw the hair from the character Hunter of Ragnarok Online. Below is the original image used as a reference guide for the doll accessories.
There are two basic hair pieces that we create for the doll, One is for all the hair in FRONT of the doll, the other is for all the hair BEHIND the doll.
  • Fig. 1 The first step is create the outline of the shape of the hair, very roughly sketch out the shape, bulbous, spiky etc. In our case a slightly bulbous look is created for the doll hair.

  • Fig. 2 Fill in the hair giving a better sense of the shape and color of the doll hair.

  • Fig. 3 Quickly sketch out the way the doll hair falls. Wavy, tucked, straight or curly lines.

  • Fig. 4 Add a 2-tone level of shading, again this is still somewhat rough, but the final look of the hair becomes far more evident.

  • Fig. 5 2 more levels of shading is added, bleeding colors are chopped off and the shape of the head is smoothed out.

  • Fig. 6 2 levels of highlighting is applied to the top of the dolls hair and a bit highlighting is also applied along the sides of the hair. This adds depth to the doll and completes the hair on top.

  • Fig. 7 The dollz hair underneath is roughly sketched out.

  • Fig. 8 2 levels of shading is applied to the doll hair. Since this is meant to 'fill in' the space behind the doll, not too much detail is added.

  • Fig. 9 The final image, combining both the back and front parts of the doll pieces.

For the Doll Maker dressup program, the two pieces of hair are saved seperately and is combined when the doll is actually created.

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