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Ragnarok Doll Maker

Ragnarok Doll Maker.
Below are 5 characters of the ragnarok online series, Starting from the left you have the Mage, Thief, Alchemist, Novice and Hunter characters. The Ragnarok maker now includes background images :)!.

To create your characters;
Click on the clothing you want, and then select the "Doll Maker" button to create the character.

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Ragnarok Maker

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Info on the Ragnarok Thief      Info on the Ragnarok Hunter      Hair tutorial
mage ragnarok doll thief ragnarok doll alchemist ragnarok doll novice ragnarok doll hunter ragnarok doll

Sometimes it may take 1-5 seconds for the server to make a new doll, please be patient

Doll Base
Doll Hair
Doll Top
Doll Shorts
Doll Shoes
Doll Accessory
Doll Background

Doll Base - Lola
Ragnarok Character - Magician
Ragnarok Character - Alchemist
Ragnarok Character - Thief
Ragnarok Character - Novice
Ragnarok Character - Hunter
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