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Ragnarok Doll Maker

Ragnarok Character Thief

Hunter, a guardian of nature.
Thief, a benevolent picaroon.

The clothing was inspired by the Thief of Ragnarok,

See below for the complete skill-tree of the Thief. Main skill: Stealth.

Back Slide
Moves the character back 5 steps.

Cure a poisoned target.

Double attack
Delivers a double blow using a dagger.

Attacks an enemy with a chance of poisoning them (chance based on skill level).

Find Stone
Creates a stone.

Buries oneself into the ground to hide.

Improve Dodge
Improves the ability to run away.

Sand Attack
Attacks the enemy with earth (sand), also causes blindness.

Increases the chance of stealing items from enemies.

Stone Fling
Use stones to attack the enemy up to 7 squares away.

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