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Ragnarok Doll Maker

Ragnarok Character Hunter

Hunter, a guardian of nature.
The clothing was inspired by the Hunter of Ragnarok, The belts on the top and the shorts had been removed (too tiny), also the long brown sleeves were not added. Also the sleeve ends were made fluffier than the original version.

The falcon, her constant companion was choosen as the hunter's accessory.
See below for the complete skill-tree of the Hunter. Main skill: Setting traps.

Ankle snare
Installs a trap to immobolize the enemy, length of immobilization dependant on skill level of the hunter

Blast Mine
Installs a trap that causes fire damage up to 9 squares around it.

Claymore trap
Installs a trap that causes fire damage up to 25 squares around it.

A trap that blinds the enemy when stepped on.

Freezing Trap
Causing enemies stepping on it to be frozen

Land Mine
Installs a trap that causes earth damage.

Install a trap which causes an enemy or enemies to fall asleep when stepped on.

Shockwave trap
A trap that drains the SP (Spell points) of an enemy

Skid Trap
Install a trap to cause a character that steps on it to slide in a certain direction

Spring Trap
Use the Flacon to trigger a trap from a distance

Talkie box
Pops up a message for the character/enemy steps on the trap.

Increases attack strength when fighting beasts

Falcon Mastery
Allows the hunter to use a falcon

Blitz Beat
Use the falcon to attack the enemy

Use the falcon to detect hidden enemies.

Remove Trap
Safely remove an installed trap.

Steel Crow
Increases the damage caused by your Falcon.

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