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ICQ Smileys

These smilies are part of the ICQ Lite version (build 1302).
For the Pro ICQ version you can get different smilies.
All the smilies below are 25x25 in size.

You can download the smileys here

There are 28 smilies in all:

ASCII text Smiley Description
:-) The happy smiley
:-( The sad smiley
;-) The winking (joking) smiley
:-P The tongue sticking out smily
A very happy smily, big grin
The crying smiley
smiley with lipstick, been kissed
:-* The kissing smily
:-[ The embarassed, red faced icq smiley
O:-) The icq angel smiley
:-X The silent (no speak) smiley in hunters cap
The confused smiley
>:O The angry smiley with a military red cap
:-D laughing with teeth showing
The pensive, thinking it over smiley
:-O The shocked smiley
8-) The cool smiley
The smiley in a helmet and headphones
The yawning, covering mouth smiley
:-! The sick, tongue out with kids hat on smiley
Stop or the talk to the hand smiley
Two smileys kissing
The devil smiley with a goatee
A red rose smiley
A lighted fuse or bomb smiley
Two thumbs up smiley
The martini with umbrella smiley
The arrow through heart, cupids arrow, smiley

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