background elements wings stockings shoes skirt top twopiece head mouth nose eyebrows eyes face makeup earings glasses hair scarf fullbody hat accessory 1 pets 1 pets 2 accessory 2 cover
Quick Start
Select one of the tabs above
Select one of the 25 images to update your doll

How do I clear or randomize the doll?
Select the question mark doll to randomize, and the red doll to clear it

How do I save a doll?
Select one of the image buttons below the doll

How do I save an animated doll?
Select the 'js' image button below the doll

Are there any boy/girl dolls?
Select boy(or girl) tab above the doll

Are there any Candybar black dolls?
No, there are no ORIGINAL black candybar doll images

Can I upload doll to MSN, Yahoo, AIM IM?
Yes, Select the MSN, Yahoo or AIM image buttons below the doll

How do I print the doll?

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