eLouai's Build-Your-Home Maker
Selecting items
All the items are 32x32 icons located below the canvas. There are 3 main groups: background, parts and landscape. The background sets the whole canvas to one image, while the parts and landscape are loadable images that you can manipulate on the canvas.

Adding items
You can add items to the room by simply clicking them. They would appear at the top left corner of the canvas. Clicking more than once produces more items.

Moving items
You can either move items by dragging (mouse press and hold button while moving mouse) the items around OR
move them a pixel at a time using the four arrows

Deleting items
To delete the currently selected item, press this button

To delete ALL items, press this button

When a piece of furniture is selected the gray box below the canvas loads up a thumbnail image of the item you will be manipulating. Selected items can be moved, flipped or deleted.

Flipping items
To flip the selected item (mirror image), press this button

Changing layers
To place an item above other items, increase the layer number.

To place an item below another item, decrease the layer number.

Saving your Home
Save to your computer a flat image

Emailing your home
Email this room to your friend, also used to save your work, so you can continue to edit it at a latter date.


Graphics credits
eLouai http://elouai.com
Dollie Garden http://www.dolliegarden.com
Hompy http://hompy.nice3355.co.kr/index.html
IconFactory http://www.iconfactory.com

Programming credits
eLouai http://elouai.com

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