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AIM Smileys

AIM Smileys for version 3.5+ and 4.x
Unlike the other IM's (Instant Messengers) AOL has a fixed set of emoticons that it uses, sixteen. In later releases (version 5.0 and above) they use skins to offer a large variety of avatars but still only offer the same sixteen basic expressions.

Their base 16 emotions are:
Happy, Sad, Joking, Razzing, Shocked, Kissing, Angry, Cool, Indifferent, Blunder, Embarrased, Angel, Confused, Crying, Silent and Laughing.

Below are the standard 16 emoticons coming in both the small and large sizes (font size 8 and 10), used in the the AOL IM (Instant Messenger).
Download the AIM smileys here
Note AIM and AOL smileys refer to the same emoticon set.

ASCII text Shortcut Small Smiley Large Smiley Description
:-) Ctrl+1 The happy aim smiley
:-( Ctrl+2 The sad aim smiley
;-) Ctrl+3 The winking (joking) aim smiley
:-P Ctrl+4 The tongue aim smiley
=-O Ctrl+5 The shocked aim smiley
:-* Ctrl+6 The red lips (kissing) aim smiley
>:O Ctrl+7 The angry aim smiley
8-) Ctrl+8 The cool aim smiley
:-$ Ctrl+Shift+1 The indifferent aim smiley
:-! Ctrl+Shift+2 The foot in mouth aim smiley
:-[ Ctrl+Shift+3 The embarassed aim simley
O:-) Ctrl+Shift+4 The angel aim smiley
:-/ Ctrl+Shift+5 The confused aim smiley
:'( Ctrl+Shift+6 The crying aim smiley
:-X Ctrl+Shift+7 The silent aim smiley
:-D Ctrl+Shift+8 The laughing aim smiley

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